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We are a group of people with love and interest in developing future home lifestyle. Passionate in development of home living and house interior improvement. Over time, we have develop a wide range of home furniture and furnishing, adding appeal, comfort and positive ambiance.

Providing high quality products for your home, areas for your living room, dining room and bed rooms.

We offer high quality crafted materials and designs, polish and ?nish by skilled craftsmen.

Who we are



Bring home a signature piece that
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A piece that you can both show off and
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Luxury-level & functionality can coexist
together in one stunning piece.

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Modern Contemporary Designed Dining Table Dft 19


Modern Contemporary Designed Dining...

Dining Room ( Dining Table )

High Quality Round Center Table Lft 25


High Quality Round Center Table Lft...

Living Room ( Center Table )

Horizontal Wooden Wall Shelf Rack Dwa 37

9,299.75 - 9,999.75

Horizontal Wooden Wall Shelf Rack D...

Home Decor ( Wall Accents )

Modern Wooden Media Storage Lfss 04


Modern Wooden Media Storage Lfss 04

Living Room ( Storage )

Modern Dining Table Dft 17

34,929.00 - 38,738.00

Modern Dining Table Dft 17

Dining Room ( Dining Table )